US Distributor

As successful distributor in the USA, we are continuously searching for technology products with high potential for the US market. We have close contacts to numerous industry wholesalers in the USA and consider ourselves their technology scouts. We are aware of the demands and know exactly which products and solutions are sought after on the market.

Market launch in 3 distinctive steps

The manufacturer in the US strategy check

In a joint workshop with the manufacturer, we determine product range, target regions, and the service and support model. We discuss in detail the requirements for the future partner vendors, e.g. which customers they are expected to reach, which competitor products are an exclusion criterion for a partnership, and how many sales representatives the vendor will have to train on our product.

Successfully presenting the manufacturer

The professional presentation of the new product by the vendor is as critical to success as a solid market entry strategy. In this context, we place great value on the clear wording of the value proposition, which is based on the industry the vendor supplies.

Developing the market with the manufacturer

After the initial presentation of the new product at suitable vendors, we will, in coordination with the manufacturer, create the business plans with the vendor partner, determine marketing activities, and train the sales representatives. With a 90-day Action Plan, we will start the rollout of the new product and gain the desired traction.

Your head start on the US market

Large US-wide network of independent vendors

Logistics hubs in the major US economic regions

Call Center helpline, also for technical issues

Annual business plans for optimizing the manufacturer’s supply chain management